RST PQ Basics

Many of us, who take personality tests more than once, receive dissimilar results each time. It is because human behavior is situation specific. We reveal different facets of our personalities in different situations. Our personality is not static - we change as we learn and grow.

The Rajasic Sattvic Tamasic (RST) Personality Report takes care of some of these issues. Our personality is different when we are guided by goodness within us. Our personality is different when we are overcome by our desires. Also, our personality is different when we face changes in our life and work environment.

The RST Personality Report is based on the concept of Gunas mentioned in the Indian Knowledge System (Samkhya and Bhagavad Gita). Guna means the ‘inherent energy or tendency with which your mind functions. These three Gunas are Sattvic (goodness), Rajasic (driven by desires and emotions) and Tamasic (inertia or resistance to change). The composition of these three Gunas influence uniqueness of our thought and behavior. Your personality report indicates how these three Gunas and their composition influence your physical, mental and intellectual competence. This report is indicative of the distinct flavors of your personality.

The RST Personality assessment is not a measure of your abilities in any particular field. It is a way to help you become aware of your own self and help you to better understand others.


This report can help you in:

  • Your self-development
  • Your career choice
  • Your dominant leadership styles
  • Understanding other people
  • Your inter-personal relationship with family and friends
  • Your inter-personal relationship at work place
  • Understand how to work without expecting results


The RST Personality Quotient is meant to understand our true nature at a given point in time; think of it as a ‘milestone’ in our journey of personal growth and the understanding of others.

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